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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Building Bridges
Kingston, RI, United States

Terms: Summer
Cardiff University (Exchange)
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Cardiff University has an international reputation for teaching and research, built on a history of service and achievement since 1883. One of the UK's most popular universities, the campus is ideally situated within the capital and largest c ity[...]
China Summer Institute
Kingston, RI, United States

Terms: Summer
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Exchange)
Hamburg, Germany

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: The International Business Program (IBP) is designed to meet the needs of business and industry in the rapidly evolving global marketplace and aims to prepare students for international careers. Students graduate from this unique program with a t horough[...]
Kochi University
Kochi, Japan

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer
Description: Kochi University has a philosophy of promoting education and research activities comprehensively in its locality with full regard to the aim of producing “harmonious coexistence of all human beings and their environment” Kochi Universi ty[...]
Mod'Spe (Exchange)
Paris, France

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: The fashion industry is truly global in scope, and the Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design Program (TMD) at URI is leading the way in providing students with a wide range of opportunities for off-campus study that will better pre pare[...]
Sciences-Po (Exchange)
Rennes, France

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: The Department of Modern and Classical Languages at URI proudly sponsors exchange and study abroad programs with some of the most prestigious universities around the world. Sciences-Po in Rennes, France (also known as Institut d’Etudes Politi ques)[...]
Seinan Gakuin University (Exchange)
Fukuoka, Japan

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Seinan Gakuin University - a Christian-based university founded in 1916 - is a humanities-focused university that offers excellent linguistic training in a richly international environment. "Seinan" literally means "south west,"[...]
Taiwan Summer Institute
Kingston, RI, United States

Terms: Summer
URI Broadening Experiences Program (PT, Ph.D)
Various, Various; Various, Various U.S.

Terms: Fall, Spring, Spring Break, Summer, Winter J-Term
Description: Broadening Experiences Broadening Experiences is your opportunity to apply skills learned in your Physical Therapy Program courses to a unique physical therapy setting that’s unlike any you would experience in a more typical clinical setting. [...]
URI FLP - Belize: Film
South Water Caye, Belize

Terms: Winter J-Term
Description: Students will use very high-end digital video and audio equipment to document their experience of diverse settings, such as tropical rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins, cultural events, and everyday Belizean life. Student filmmakers will also hav e[...]
URI FLP - Bermuda (Spring)
Saint George's, Bermuda

Terms: Spring Break
Description: Marine Biodiversity The ocean makes up >90% of the habitable space on Earth. Accordingly, it is the most species-rich and diverse sphere of the planet. Despite an overwhelming focus on marine animals, the most staggering diversity exists amon g[...]
URI FLP - Calabria, Italy
Calabria, Italy

Terms: Summer
Description: This program allows students to step back into history by visiting ancient Greek and Roman ruins, touring beautiful Byzantine churches, walking the streets of medieval towns, learning to cook traditional dishes, and vis iting[...]
URI FLP - Canada
Quebec, Canada

Terms: Summer
Description:     The URI French Summer Program will take place at the Francophone University of Laval in Quebec City. This beautiful city is located next to the Saint Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains. This program is designed to all ow[...]
URI FLP - Cape Verde
Cidade Velha, Cape Verde

Terms: Summer
Description:   Situated off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde is a Volcanic Archipelago made up of 10 main islands and 5 smaller ones. Uninhabited on their discovery in 1456, the islands became part of the Portuguese empire in 1496. Cape Verde decl ared[...]
URI FLP - China (Language)
Hangzhou, China

Terms: Summer, Winter J-Term
Description:   This program will provide first- and second year Chinese language students with an immersive experience to the country whose language they are studying. Visiting Hangzhou will allow students to experience the [...]
URI FLP - Chinese Summer Immersion Program
Kingston, RI, United States

Terms: Summer
Description: The University of Rhode Island’s Chinese Flagship Immersion Program is an 8-week, residential Mandarin Chinese immersion program for students committed to an intensive, experiential, proficiency-based learning experience. The 2018 prog ram[...]
URI FLP - Colombia
Bogota, Colombia

Terms: Summer
Description: Please see link below to enter application information for the URI Colombia Program
URI FLP - Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: This program will offer students the opportunity to study about and travel to Cuba. Students will be provided with a rich academic and experiential learning opportunity that explores the political and social changes in the post-revolutionary re gime[...]
URI FLP - Disney
Orlando, Florida, United States

Terms: Spring Break
Description: Organizational Communication: Exploring Disney and the Culture of Success    This course focuses on organizational theory, communication and culture as applied to for-profit and not-for-profit institutions. Using Walt Disney World as a [...]
URI FLP - Dominican Republic: RN/BS
El Cercado, San Juan, Dominican Republic

Terms: Winter J-Term
Description: The purpose of this program is to provide undergraduate students, along with the RN to BS students, the opportunity to participate in service learning as well as an immersion experience. The students are focusing on public health concerns as they [...]
URI FLP - Germany
Darmstadt, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Munich, Germany; Regensburg, Germany; Stuttgart, Germany

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Germany Today: Science, Technology and Culture For students enrolled in the rigourous five-year dual Bachelor degree International Engineering and International Business Programs, it is crucial to get some short-term immersion experience in th e[...]
URI FLP - Hawaii
Manoa, United States

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Exercise Physiology and Pedagogy Applications   This program will introduce students to a variety of sports/physical activities and teach them to analyze personal physical activity information collected through the use of technological dev ices,[...]
URI FLP - Honduras
Kingston, United States; Mystic, United States; Sandy Bay, Honduras

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Marine Mammal Physiology and Behavior This program provides an engaging topic of study for students seeking experiential learning opportunities in marine mammal science. Students will explore how marine mammals “make a living” thr ough[...]
URI FLP - Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

Terms: Winter J-term
Description:   Biodiversity/Water Issues Indonesia is made up of over 18,000 islands that straddle the equator, spanning nearly 1,800 miles. This country contains two of the world’s 35 biodiversity hotspots and the third largest area of tropi cal[...]
URI FLP - Indonesia (Global Health)
Bali, Indonesia; Surabaya, Indonesia; Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Interprofessional Exploration of Global Health Issues   In this course students prepare for and participate in a two-week-long J-Term Travel Course. Prior to the travel component of the course students will complete focused readings and [...]
URI FLP - Indonesia (Summer)
Bali, Indonesia; Flores, Indonesia; Komodo, Indonesia

Terms: Summer
Description: URI Alumni & Adult Learners in Indonesia This field course is led by an experienced URI faculty, Dr. Tom Boving, and offers URI Alumni and adult learners the opportunity to engage with URI faculty and alumni and other adults in an i nternational[...]
URI FLP - Israel (Biblical Archaeology)
Jerusalem, Israel

Terms: Summer
Description: URI Digs Israel: The Archaeology of Biblical Gath The URI Digs Israel Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to be an integral part of an ongoing archaeological excavation in Israel. No prior archaeological expe rience[...]
URI FLP - Israel (Underwater Archaeology)
Akko, Israel

Terms: Summer
Description:   Please Contact: Bridget Buxton -  
URI FLP - Korea
Daejeon, South Korea; Hangzhou, China

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable infrastructure and system including pavement and bridge management. The main objective of the course is to introduce state-of-the art practices of designing sus tainable[...]
URI FLP - Liberia
Harper, Liberia

Terms: Spring Break
Description: This program, designed for advanced practice graduate students, will expand student knowledge of Global Health Perspectives through the delivery of health care services in Liberian Community Health settings. This program also aims to enhance stud ent's[...]
URI FLP - London: International Sports Health
Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France

Terms: Summer
Description: The International Culture of Sports Health This course explores the differences between the culture of sports health care in the United States and the United Kingdom & Netherlands. Academic preparation, physiotherapy interventions, trainin g[...]
URI FLP - Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy

Terms: Summer
Description: Sustainable Agriculture and Local Food Cultures This two-week immersion program focuses on sustainable agriculture and food cultures in Naples, Italy, where students will explore the Campania region that includes the Amalfi Coast and Islan ds,[...]
URI FLP - Peru
Cuzco, Peru; Lima, Peru

Terms: Summer
Description:   During the course of this field-based clinical experience, students will set up a laboratory for cervical cancer screenings; which includes adjustments to the microscopes available as well as preparing staining equipment. Students will be gin[...]
URI FLP - Peru: Communication
Cuzco, Peru; Lima, Peru

Terms: Spring Break
Description: Community Resilience  This is a course where content serves as a catalyst for developing a student’s social, environmental and global consciousness. Specific attention is paid to the use of project-based instruction within the framewo rk[...]
URI FLP - Philippines
Dagupan, Philippines

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Aquatic Food Production in the Philippines   The program is designed to familiarize students with aquaculture practices done in Southeast Asia. Students will be exposed to professionals in the aquaculture field and day-to-day livin g[...]
URI FLP - Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: History, Culture and Innovation   This course will explore the history, culture, and innovation of Portugal. In this program students will travel to Portugal to be familiarized with the culture of one the oldest countries in Europe and to ob serve[...]
URI FLP - Rhode Island Film Festival
Providence, United States

Terms: Summer
Description: This program will provide students with an opportunity to engage in an immersive experience at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in Providence, Rhode Island. As attendees of the festival, students will have full access to all films, [...]
URI FLP - Rome
Rome, Italy

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Students will gain an understanding of the stories, characters, and significance of Ancient Roman Myth through careful consideration of Ancient Roman literature, archaeological sites, and ancient art. The eclectic culture of Rome combines a [...]
URI FLP - Salamanca, Spain
Salamanca, Spain

Terms: Summer
Description: Founded by the Romans, the city of Salamanca offers a resplendent setting for immersion in Spanish life, language and culture. Situated in the northwest region of Spain (about 120 miles from Madrid and near the border of Portugal), Salamanca boasts [...]
URI FLP - South By Southwest (SXSW)
Austin, United States

Terms: Spring Break
Description:     The SXSW (South By Southwest) Film Festival course is designed to give students direct access to filmmakers from around the globe through their exposure to film screenings, Q&A sessions, interactive panels, key-note speakers ,[...]
URI FLP - Summer Career Rhode Trip (ITR)
Various, Various U.S.

Terms: Summer
Description: Exploring the Job Market in Communication and Media: Boston, MA This program allows students the opportunity to engage with the professional world and gain an understanding of their prospective careers outside of the classroom. Their eye s[...]
URI FLP - Taiwan
Keelung, Taiwan

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Combined with the company visits in Taiwan, students will be able to experience first-hand the differences in how process improvement and supply chain practices is conducted in Asia versus the U.S. Students will attend lectures delivered by the [...]
URI FLP - Taiwan: Ocean and Coastal Management
Keelung, Taiwan

Terms: Summer
Description: International Seminar on Ocean and Coastal Management   National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), the University of Tokyo (Todai) and the University of Rhode Island (URI) jointly offer a summer seminar on issues in coastal management. T his[...]
URI FLP - Tanzania
Arusha, Tanzania

Terms: Summer
Description:   The program in Tanzania is multicultural service learning experience, visiting the cities of Arusha, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. The first part of the program will be spent at the Maasai Joy Children’s Centre, where par ticipants[...]
URI FLP - Tanzania Library Development
Kilomeni, Tanzania

Terms: Summer
Description: In LSC518, Global Information Services, participants will study, compare, and analyze information issues, practices, and organizations in a school library context. Participants will partner the Pare and Maasai people of Kilomeni to collaborate on d eveloping[...]
URI FLP - Winter Career Rhode Trip (ITR)
Various, Various U.S.

Terms: Winter J-term
Description: Exploring the Job Market in Communication and Media This program allows students the opportunity to engage with the professional world and gain an understanding of their prospective careers outside of the classroom. Their eyes will be ope ned[...]
URI Faculty-Led Programs Scholarship
Terms: Spring Break, Summer, Winter J-Term
Description: URI Faculty-Led Programs Scholarship Application The Office of International Education has limited funding for student scholarships and provides financial awards ranging from $100-$500. To be considered for the scholarship, please c omplete[...]
URI Internship in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

Terms: Spring
Description:   Enhance your URI career experience with an international internship in Dublin! This twelve-week semester program in Ireland will provide students the opportunity to gain professional experience and to develop valuable cross-cultural commun ication[...]
URI Kinesiology Internships in Australia - In Partnership with TEAN
Newcastle, Australia; Perth, Australia; Sydney, Australia

Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer
Description: URI and its affiliate, The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), are offering qualifying Kinesiology (KIN) majors the opportunity to complete their Supervised Field Experience in Australia. Students can take advantage of our connections Down Under to earn [...]
URI Marine Biology Semester Program in Bermuda
St. Georges, Bermuda

Terms: Fall
Description: The URI in Bermuda Program is a semester-long immersion into the study of marine science with a program of classwork and research in the setting of an active tropical oceanographic research laboratory at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) [...]
University of East Anglia (Exchange)
East Anglia, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: The University of East Anglia (UEA) was founded in 1963 and is located in Norwich, England. Nationally and internationally renowned, UEA provides top quality academic, social and cultural facilities to its large and diverse student population.&n bsp;The[...]
University of Reading (Exchange)
Reading, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: The University of Reading was established in 1892 and is currently ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. The university consists of three campuses situated on the Thames River and offers a world-class reputation for teaching, inte rdisciplinary[...]
Université Rennes 2 (Exchange)
Rennes, France

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: URI students can take advantage of one of the University's international partnerships by participating as an exchange student at the University of Rennes 2 and choose from a variety of subjects. The largest center for research and higher educatio n[...]
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