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SIT Study Abroad Tanzania: Swahili Language for Health Sciences (Intermediate & Advanced | January-term)
Arusha, Tanzania (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms:  
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Program Sponsor: SIT/World Learning 
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Minimum GPA: 2.5 Language of Instruction: English
Experiential Learning: ITR Field Study, URI Affiliated Program Class Standing: 2. Sophomore, 3. Junior, 4. Senior
Program Description:
Program Description:
SIT Study Abroad Tanzania: Swahili Language for Health Sciences (Intermediate & Advanced | January-term)

Develop Kiswahili skills for health sciences through online and classroom learning and cultural immersion and experiential learning in Arusha, Tanzania.

This course is designed to give students and health professionals in-depth cultural background via discussions of everyday life and contemporary issues while developing advanced language skills. It provides the language and intercultural skills needed to function in the fields of food and health, global health, community health, and the environment.
The program will be delivered through a three-credit online course and a three-credit immersion course in Arusha, Tanzania. The immersion course is available to admitted SIT students only. The program will employ experiential learning opportunities and include lessons in cultural awareness, grammar, comprehension, dialogue and academic related vocabulary through lectures and discussion that are reinforced through field exercises and the homestay experience.
While in the Arusha region, you will practice Kiswahili through interactions with medical and public healthcare professionals. You also will visit urban and rural healthcare centers as well as herbal clinics.
Classes and language activities are taught by native teachers with experience teaching Kiswahili to foreigners by using oral proficiency-based methods. Students will also be exposed to songs and other forms of art and media to engage and enhance interactions among students and with their host families.
Program Highlights
  • Build Kiswahili language skills to prepare for a career as a health professional.
  • Develop your ability and practice language skills during field trips. (J-term)
  • Learn about herbal medicine and intercultural health practices. (J-term)
  • Experience daily life with homestay families in Arusha. (J-term)

Program Structure

This course offers a three week January-term in Tanzania, as well as an optional online course in July 2020. The online course is open to all applicants with three semesters of college-level Kiswahili (or equivalent). The in-person January-term is open to college undergraduates who have completed the online term or who provide proof of completion (or the equivalent) of three semesters of college-level Kiswahili.

January-term Course Details

During this three-week course, you will complete the next level of Kiswahili for Health Sciences in small groups, with placement based on a written and oral proficiency evaluation. Enhance your speaking, reading, and writing skills through field assignments while enriching classroom learning experience and your ability to function in real life language situations in the host culture. You will visit health centers including herbal clinics, marketplaces, museums, and monuments to enhance oral proficiency skills.

Optional July Online Course Details

During this three-week online course, you will be placed in a small class or group based on a written and oral proficiency evaluation. The course will feature 45 hours of online teaching including a program orientation, video lectures, language instruction and discussions on health topics and alternative medicine from an indigenous perspective. This course aims to strengthen your fundamental Kiswahili skills and improve your understanding of Swahili for the health sciences.

Money Matters

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Dates / Deadlines:
There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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