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Sciences-Po (Exchange)
Rennes, France (Exchange Program) (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Academic Year,
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Restrictions: URI applicants only
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Fact Sheet:
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Fields of Studies: See Program Description Language of Instruction: English, French
Class Standing: 1. Freshman, 2. Sophomore, 3. Junior, 4. Senior, 5. Graduate, 6. Non Traditional
Program Description:
Program Description:

Sciences Po
The Department of Modern and Classical Languages at URI proudly sponsors exchange and study abroad programs with some of the most prestigious universities around the world. Sciences-Po in Rennes, France (also known as Institut d’Etudes Politiques) is one such university. Those URI students interested in French language, political science, economics, and/or history have the opportunity to advance their studies at URI with a semester or academic year at Sciences-Po.

Studies are multidisciplinary with an excellent cultural and academic background which enables students to both understand the most important issues in today’s world as well as achieve success within a range of careers. The institute is located in the city-center, in elegant buildings built in 1884 and steeped in rich history. The campus provides a secluded space situated in the immediate neighborhood of the busiest part of the city. Students will find that it is very easy to navigate throughout the city, with convenient bus networks and metro services. Viewed as a true college city with 60,000 students enrolled in universities across the city – Rennes is regularly named as the most pleasant city in France for young people to live in.  The essence of student life here is to live in a town whose motto is “Live with intelligence” which gives some idea of the importance placed on culture, and efforts to live harmoniously. Rennes is regularly voted the most pleasant French city for students to live in.



Eligibility Requirements:

  • 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • 3 credits or more in French Language at 300 level
  • ​2 letters of recommendation (1 letter required from Professor Karen De Bruin of the URI Languages Department)

Those URI exchange students with a good level of French language skills can enroll for one semester or a full academic year within the International French Program. Both options (semester or academic year) are structured to provide substantial insight into French culture and language acquisition. 
*At the beginning of each semester, students attend a two-week orientation program (24 hours) which includes intensive French instruction.

  • Semester French Program (12 weeks) - The “Attestation d'Etudes Politiques”/”Certificate of Political Studies” (AEP)

  • Academic Year French Program - The “Certificat d'Etudes Politiques”/ “Diploma of Political Studies” (CEP) 

 ♦ Compulsory Courses:
                    → Lecture course in History and French Civilization (6 ECTS/ semester)
                    → A practical seminar (conférence de méthode) tied in with the French history and civilization course (3 ECTS / semester)
                    → French language course (3 ECTS/ semester)
 ♦ Elective courses:
                    → At least 3-elective courses per semester to be chosen from a large selection of courses delivered to Sciences Po students (1st, 2nd and 4th year-courses)
                       *Students can choose one course taught in English at the most

Courses Available in French:
Management / Economics
Political Sciences
European Studies

Click here for more information regarding the International French Program.
To learn more about the URI Languages Department, click here



Eligibility Requirements:

  • 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • 1 letter of recommendation from Professor Karen De Bruin of the URI Languages Department

The program offers a general introduction to the political, social, and cultural landscapes of France and Europe, and examines important issues and debates in France today. All classes are taught in English. Students in the program are provided with 4-hours of French language instruction per week with optional computer-based independent training. Students enroll in 5-courses per semester: each worth 6 ECTS credits and comprised of either one 20-hour course (6 ECTS) or two 10-hour courses (2x 3-ECTS). 

  • Semester English Program (12 weeks) - Diploma of Political Studies in English (DPSE) 

  • Academic Year English Program - Certificate of Political Studies in English (CPSE)

 ♦ Compulsory Courses: 
                 → French as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS), structured either 4-hours per week (48h) for groups A and B OR 2-hours per week (24h) for groups C, D and  potentially E
 ♦ Elective courses: 
                 → 4 courses will be open to select within the student's relevant field (2 hours a week over 10 weeks each) 

French Language
Political Science
European Studies


Click here for a list of offered elective courses taught in English and to learn more about the English Program option.

URI Transfer Credit Process: 
Because you are taking courses at a foreign institution and receiving a transcript from the Host University, students earn transfer credit. Transfer credits may be given only for those courses in which the student received a grade equivalent to a “C” (2.00) or better. It is also important to note that all grades earned overseas will not be calculated into a URI student’s G.P.A.
To receive transfer credit earned while participating in a URI approved Study Abroad Program, students must obtain prior approval from the appropriate department chair, academic advisor and the academic dean of their college (this process is outlined within your URIAbroad application).

*Note - students on a full semester program must be enrolled in the equivalent of at least 12 credits. This is to maintain full-time status at URI while abroad.

(ECTS) European Credit Transfer System:
The conversion of ECTS credits to the U.S. equivalent is generally accepted at a 2:1 ratio (i.e. 6 ECTS credits = 3 U.S. credits). Please reach out to your OIE advisor to ensure this applies to your selected courses. 

ECTS is based on the convention that the workload for a full-time student during one semester is equal to 30 credits. ECTS provides academic recognition of periods of study abroad and enables a qualitatively analysis of the student development across Europe. Credits are allocated to all educational components of a study program (modules, courses, placements, etc.) depending on the amount of work each component requires. Such credits reflect the workload of the student for each unit of instruction chosen (time attended in class, participation in seminars, independent study, prepare and submit exams, etc.).


Students can choose between on-campus residence halls or privately owned off-campus city apartments. Halls of residence are managed by the CROUS (Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires - a partner of Sciences-Po), enabling the institution to offer decent and affordable housing options for the majority of foreign students. The number of rooms allocated by the CROUS is very limited, however. The presence of foreign students in the same block can be the opportunity to find friends and to talk your mother tongue. However, it is best to avoid spending all of your time with your compatriots (as it will not help to improve your French).

On-Campus accommodations include: furnishing, sheets and blankets, a microwave oven and hotplates in the collective kitchen. (Students will need to purchase their own kitchen utensils).

Off-Campus accommodations: If there are no rooms available in a university hall of residence, Zéphyr association (student association for foreign students) can help you find a lodging or rent a privately-owned accommodation. Please let Zéphyr know as soon as possible if you want to share it with French students.

Meal Options: Both accommodation options focus on self-catered kitchens with access to the University Restaurant (3.25 € / Meal).

Cost of Living Guide 


Estimated Cost of Attendance Per Semester: $16,486
Note: Please view the budget sheet for itemized cost details.


If you are interested in applying or want to know more about the application process, please visit our webpages by clicking here


Useful Links:
Sciences-Po Official Facebook Page
Sciences Po_International Student Guide_16-17.pdf
Click here for the Sciences-Po Academic Calendar

Program Timeline:
Semester Duration URI Application Deadline Sciences-Po Deadline
Fall August to January April 1st April 30th
Spring January to May Sept. 15th October 31st

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Dates / Deadlines:
There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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